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      Individuals come to me for a wide variety of reasons, but the common goal is to feel happier and more connected in their lives. Coming to therapy is a leap of faith and I meet each client with respect for where they are. I am interested in each individual’s story in all its shades of gray since we are the cumulative result of all of our relationships and experiences. Addressing current problems usually involves processing some of our important past experiences in relationships. But my focus is consistently on improving the quality of life for the client and relieving any suffering that is current. Depending on the issues that arise, I have a wide arsenal of tools to offer the client immediate relief (e.g.  CBT, Mindfulness, EMDR). And I enter into longer term therapy for deeper work and persistent, repeating negative patterns.



      Couples present an opportunity to work with two individuals suffering relationship difficulties. I offer a safe place for couples to express themselves and tools for better communication. EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) provides a map for discovering the painful patterns, illuminating the unique connection between two people and creating new patterns of communication and connection. I rely heavily on the principles of EFT in my work with couples and believe in its ability to help couples work as allies on improving their relationships.



      I use play and creative activities in addition to talk therapy to create an atmosphere of trust and connection. This alone can be life changing for many children even when there is a strong, healthy home environment. My office becomes a space that is exclusively for and about the child. I also incorporate behavioral approaches and cognitive behavioral therapy (addressing negative thinking) into the work. Their expression of self is received by a loving, interested therapist and tools for managing their emotions and behavior are gently integrated into the therapy. 

About Eye Movement Desensitization

and Reprocessing (EMDR): 

      Research strongly indicates that reprocessing traumatic events using EMDR significantly reduces the disturbing impact of the memories on an individual. Using a simple technique to change the way the brain is storing a disturbing memory, EMDR can provide dramatic relief from the suffering caused by traumatic memories. I use EMDR in conjunction with other therapies as an effective tool in addressing old and new traumas. Often traumatic events from our past can hold us back in the present and EMDR can free us. EMDR can also be used to address current everyday traumas such as minor accidents and confrontations. Clients may choose to incorporate EMDR into their therapy as disturbing memories arise or focus on trauma as indicated by their needs.


 “Life is painful, suffering is optional

Sylvia Boorstein PhD.


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